The Relevance of Creation Talks

I am more absent from the blog as of late (and for the coming weeks) as I am video directing an educational DVD series on the side. The topic is Creation with a Christian worldview, and Gary Bates of Creation Ministries International is the speaker. Here’s some previews of the production (these clips are still in the works):

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The Arts Have Purpose

Does all art have a purpose?

Does all art have a purpose?

You can’t make art up for the sake of being art that doesn’t have a meaning to the art you create. Many intelligent and prolific artisans think you can, but if you examine the examples around you you’ll find man is a lier if he believes he can create anything without a purpose. Whether you are a student of the arts, a hobbyist, or a professional designer of some sort, you make your piece of art for a specific audience with the express purpose of some message — even if the message is as sad and contradictory as “this piece of art has no message.” Even if you don’t take your art seriously, you’re at least creating it to humor one’s self (this is a purpose also). Continue reading

Evolutionary Applied Gaming (Literally)

It is one of the hottest new games in the App Store available for the iPhone and iPod Touch (also available for computer, etc.). Spore is a simplistic game following the progression of simple micro-organisms climb of growth all the way up to become intelligent and powerful alien forces. The creators of the game describe Spore this way: Continue reading

What Does “Created In The Image Of God” Mean?

I’ve often wondered, but never found, an answer to the question. In Genesis, the first chapter, God is creating the universe. I believe that a literal interpretation of all scripture on the subject of creation here and throughout the Bible points to 6 literal days of creation and that’s all—no gap theories. But, I want to address the nature in which God created man; not so much the time it took Him. Continue reading

The Art of Reality – Part 1

Christians give credit to God as the Creator of all things, and remark on the wonder and beauty of His majestic feats. Pagans too acknowledge the beauty of the universe in everything from its rich simplicity to its mind-boggling complexity. The world around us, and every characteristic of it, is remarkable—that it only took one individual to make it all, and make it functional for all time. God get’s credit for a lot of roles (the First and the Last, the Chief Physician, The Creator, The Savior, etc.), but rarely do we look to God as the Master Artist. Continue reading