My Brother’s Movie

My Brother’s Movie
My brother has wanted to make his own narrative film for some time. To my understanding, he’s directing this one but still keeping what the movie is all about under wraps. Here’s the trailer just released:

I do hope the best for the production’s success. My hats off to my brother’s hard work. You can read about the production more here.


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My father-in-law had the foresight to purchase a couple years ago before my wife and I were even engaged! He’s kindly maintained ownership till the two of us had time to synchronize transferring ownership to my GoDaddy account and setting it to my blog. It’s finally done! Yippee! Now it will be so much easier to share the blog. So if you have bookmarked my blog, still works. It will redirect you to


Memoirs: Liz’s Surgery, and the Blessings that Come With It

My wife Liz, affectionately pet-named Peach, is four months pregnant with our second child. Reese, our first born, it eight months old, and for most people it seems the babies were/will be born too close together. Liz and I are well-adapted to the idea of children as we were both home educated and spent lots of time with our siblings growing up. We both had good Christian upbringings and were taught children are a blessing. When we learned that we would have Reese about a year and a half after we married we couldn’t have been more happy. We are glad to be parents and raise children to the best of our ability.

When we learned a second child was on the way, we had to rethink our lives a bit sooner than we’d planned. Well, we hadn’t had plans to have our second child as so soon after Reese was born, but it was not an inconvenience whatsoever. It did mean we would need to change priorities in our budget and jobs at this time. Liz and I both knew we wanted Liz to work from home with the children when the second child came along, so now was the time for her to leave the corporate world. Liz had worked with me at the non-profit company  American Vision for two years. Making this adjustment instantly meant I was the primary provider of the family for the foreseeable future.

But the second baby will not be born till mid September of this year, so our work lives and weekly routine would be the same for a couple months yet. Then the unexpected happened. At home early one evening last week after a long day of errands, Liz was trying to turn on the ceiling fans to get the air circulating in the house. It was a little warm. Well, when Liz tried to reach the chain in the guest bedroom, a little out of her reach, she slipped and fell backward on her wrist.

The fall wasn’t so severe in and of itself. If she hadn’t been pregnant it probably wouldn’t have hurt her more than a bruise. But being pregnant, her nutrients are primarily going to the baby, and we didn’t realize, but her bones were weaker. I learned just yesterday that this is a good thing in the case of some bones because a pregnant woman’s pelvic bones will need to be softer to spread apart to make room for the growing baby. However, it wasn’t good thing for Liz’s arm.

Liz was home alone with Reese when it happened. She thought the pain might go away at first, but it didn’t take long for her to call me at the office and explain I needed to come home; it was an emergency.

At the emergency room we were informed they couldn’t fix the arm without giving her anesthesia. They couldn’t give it to her because she is pregnant. So they wrapped her arm and told us we needed to see a doctor specialist. We were referred to the Pinnacle Group’s practice. It just so happens an old family friend of mine, Dr. Stan Dysart, is a member of Pinnacle. We made arrangements as soon as possible to get her in and have it fixed with him.

So the wrist was broken Wednesday last week. We saw Dr. Dysart Friday. On that occasion, because Liz had a hyperventilation reaction to the meds to numb her writst, her muscles contracted and they weren’t able to pull the broken bones back into place. We had to reschedule for surgery ASAP.

Surgical center waiting room

Surgical center waiting room

That surgery was today. It just finished. I’m sitting in the waiting room at the Marietta Surgical Center of Georgia. Dr. Dysart just told me that everything went all right—the fix made the damage unnoticeable on x-rays. Liz will be out of it for a few hours yet, but the worst is over. Pain will be with her for awhile, but we’re over the hill.

So I want to note that with all the changes that had to be made since Liz couldn’t work, or so much as take care of our baby Reese, the help from others has flooded in. I’m grateful for all the prayers, help, and general support we’ve had of late with Liz’s condition. So this is my thanks to all of you, and I wanted you to know that Liz is all right. Please keep her in your prayers that she will make a good recovery.

Liz shortly after the surgery

Liz shortly after the surgery

And if you want to know what else you can pray for, keep in mind that Liz will not go back to work between now and the time the baby is born like we’d originally planned. I know that the Lord will take care of us, and He has, but ask Him to give me a steady form of additional income to provide for the family in the weeks and months to come. God has been good and the medical bills are covered. I’m grateful He’s answering the request in advance. Still, keep it in mind as your prayer for us that we are making a big step from a two income household to a one income household.

I’m reminded in this experience of how good God is, and how He takes care of us. I believe bad things happen not because God isn’t good, but because he is good and He has a better, ultimate purpose for the the seemingly bad things that happen in our lives. Everything seemingly bad has a redemptive nature. Anything bad can and is for good. God is good, and this minor inconvenience/challenge in our lives is petty compared to wight of the good we have to gain from God’s care and blessing. The baby on the way is a blessing. The help we’ve got from friends and family is a blessing. God financially meeting our needs is a blessing.

So Liz’s wrist brakes, and in it all, I can say that God is good.