62 Ways Dropbox Can Improve Your Workflow

In my humble opinion, Dropbox is the very best way for you to share files with others. It’s also a great folder system to organize your active projects when more than one person needs to edit files — whether these are docs, images, or videos people are working on. Read More »


Automate Actions in Dropbox with Wappwolf

Have you ever wanted a folder on Dropbox that would auto-magically convert your ebook files into the proper Kindle format and send them to your Kindle reader? This nifty trick and many others are possible with Wappwolf the easy-to-use plugin for your Dropbox account. Besides the retarded name of this plugin, it’s a terrific way to stay organized and productive to automate your regular filing and formatting chores. Check out Wappwolf »

Here’s some stuff Wappwolf will do:


  • Convert to PDF
  • PDF to TXT
  • Google Drive Upload
  • Google Cloud Print
  • Send to your Kindle
  • Slideshare Upload
  • E-Sign PDF
  • Convert eBook


  • Facebook Upload
  • Facebook Page Upload
  • Flickr Upload
  • Picasa / Google+ Upload
  • Downscale
  • Convert image format
  • Rotate image
  • Convert to black & white
  • Convert to grayscale
  • Write text on image
  • 30 photo effects
  • Stamp a logo
  • “Dislike”-Stamp
  • Remove EXIF infos
  • Find a similar image

Any file

  • E-mail
  • Zip file
  • Unzip / Unrar file
  • Upload to Dropbox
  • Rename
  • FTP-Upload
  • Upload to box
  • Upload to Microsoft SkyDrive
  • Upload to Sugarsync
  • Upload to Evernote
  • Upload to Basecamp project

Here’s a terrific Life Hacker article better detailing some of the functions and handy tricks you can do with Wappwolf.

Dropbox is pretty cool, but you know what would be even cooler? If Dropbox would handle tasks for you. With Wappwolf it’s not only possible, but its easy enough anyone could automate everyday tasks. Free up some time in your busy day and get some R&R with Wappwolf doing work for you.

I would like to see the developers of Dropbox integrate Wappwolf-like functionality into Dropbox natively. 

Another Mentionable App of the Day: Nozbe

If you are in the market for a new task/project manager application, you might try Nozbe. I heard about it first on MichaelHyatt.com. It supports the GTD method, and has many ways you can customize your tasks’ and projects’ organization. And, of course, it is sync-able with the cloud—a must-have for a sophisticated workflow.

What’s really clever about it is its integration with Dropbox and Evernote. You can associate specific Evernote content to your tasks, and associate files in your Dropbox to specific tasks. This fine integration of the three would be very useful in someone’s workflow. Although my project management is not so tightly integrated with Evernote or Dropbox, I can see the strong appeal.

The one thing lacking is a genuine desktop app experience. From what I can see, the Nozbe desktop apps for Windows and Macs are technically just web apps (websites with a good interface) in a desktop app shell. This annoys me as it does Hyatt (when he mentions in his review that the app is missing a Preferences menu).

So, if you are a task management junky, this might be your next app to play with. But keep in mind that the to do manager you use is more important than the one you don’t. Keep running the app; don’t let it run you.