62 Ways Dropbox Can Improve Your Workflow

In my humble opinion, Dropbox is the very best way for you to share files with others. It’s also a great folder system to organize your active projects when more than one person needs to edit files — whether these are docs, images, or videos people are working on. Read More »


Folders on my DesktopHow MacSparky Names Files on His Macs

I once actually named my scanned water bill Invoice.pdf. What was I thinking, naming a file Invoice.pdf? Looking at my water bills folder, there was no standard naming format; for some files, such as Invoice.pdf, there was no way to tell if it was even related to the water utility. To make matters worse, my telephone, electrical, and waste management folders for the same year also had files in them called Invoice.pdf. So I had multiple documents from about the same time with exactly the same name. Just swell.

The fact that I am a reformed sinner explains why I’m about to get all anal retentive about naming files.

You can get the lowdown on David’s filing system if you click the link at the top to read his full article on MacWorld.com.

Very thought-provoking—and over-thought—filing system. Sounds like something I would implement.

Finding the Little Guy with the Big App

Often times an app is free because it is brought to you by a fledgling developer that is struggling to pay the bills. He may know how to whirl around some code, but he’s hurting financially and hopes to spring-board into a small fortune to keep his meager business alive. Continue reading

Macworld Updates Review of MobileMe

Macworld Updates Review of MobileMe
I’m a MobileMe fan (one of the few). Grant you, I see the flaws in the services, but the pros outweigh the cons, in my case. Macworld has written about MobileMe before, but today they updated their review of the services. If you are here looking for my review, then you may also appreciate Macworld’s. It’s not exhaustive, but helpful anyways.

Get MobileMe at a Deal Price on Amazon

Get MobileMe at a Deal Price on Amazon
Apple usually controls the pricing on their retail products religiously. It’s difficult for resellers to offer their products at a discounted price because they have to pay a lot for them wholesale. Well, strangely enough, a membership or renewal of MobileMe—usually $99—subscriptions costs $60 at Amazon.com. Read about it here, and check out the product’s page here.

MobileMe Versus Google Services

MobileMe Versus Google Services
I wrote a very popular post a while back of my take on MobileMe. I love it, and still haven’t exhausted its potential. Macworld just posted a comparison of their own between MobileMe services and Google’s. Read Macworld’s take on it here. Bare in mind that MobileMe is intended for Mac users as well as PC users, but doesn’t make much sense if you only have PCs.