How NOT to Add Multitasking to iOS

Thank God multitasking isn’t like this on any Apple device. This is pathetic hackary that destroys the design, workflow, and user-friendliness all in the name of “control.” It’s horrible.

If iPads worked like notebook computers, then there wouldn’t be iPads. 


The Dark Knight Rises

If you’re concerned about spoilers, don’t watch this video:


I’m still wondering how well Catwoman will do, but I’m sold. Not that there was ever any question in my mind…

Spoiler alert: I find it especially peculiar that Ra’s Al Ghul, played by Liam Neeson, is listed as second on the cast credits for this film at IMDb, yet there was no appearance of the actor reprising the role in this featurette. Christopher Nolan does like to keep secrets. 

The Avengers Protect the Ducklings Crossing the Road

Why did the ducks cross the road? So that the Avengers would have something to protect while super villains were scarce.

The time-lapse is by the artist Mary Gutfleisch. I’m one of her biggest fans. When I went looking for a good sketch of a Jackalope, her’s was the only one I thought reflected the essence of Jiving Jackalope:

This jackalope is jiving

The Jiving Jackalope, by Mary Gutfleisch

All of Mary’s time-lapse videos are worth your viewing. Go check out her channel on YouTube.

Did You Know These are for Real?

Light bikes have a special place in my heart. I know I must be crazy, because I really like the movie Tron: Legacy, and no one else seems to. Anyway, one of my favorite things are the light cycles.

Here’s one for real:


It really make me wonder: what makes the wheel rotate like that? I don’t see what makes the wheel turn because it’s housed within the main body of the bike.

I also wanna know how comfortable it could be. It doesn’t appear to be as agile as the bikes in the movie.

The bike is not just a hobbyists. They are made by Park Brothers Choppers. You can learn more about them in this video.

The Flog: Blacksmithing

I really enjoyed the pilot of this new show. Felicia Day is great.


I think I will keep my eye on Geek & Sundry (the makers of this show, and others). They’re just getting started, and their other shows look promising as well. I just subscribed to them on YouTube.

Great Video Equipment Guide for Independent Pros

GeekBeat.TV has put together a thorough list of the professional video gear they have and are using and prefer.

I know they have been working on their production values throughout the years, and at times there were goofy inconsistencies in their production quality, but I do believe they have hit the sweet spot for some time now. This thorough list is a cost effective shopping list in the event that any independent filmmaker or small studio is looking to update their production values.